sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2009

Le temps

Hurry, hurry, Mary dear!

Fall is over winter's here!

Not a moment to be lost,

in a minute we get frost!

In an hour we get snow,

drifts like houses!

Ten below!

Pick the apples,dill the pickles,

chop down trees for wooden nickels.

Dig the turnips,split the peas,

cook molasses,curdle cheese.

Churn the butter,smoke the hams,

can tomatoes,put up jams.

Stuck the stove wood,string the beans,

up the storms and down the screens.

Pull the curtains,close the shutters,

dreadfully the wild wind mutters.

Oil the snowshoes,stock the fires,

soon the roads are hopeless mires.

Mend the mittens,knit the sweaters,

bring my glasses, mail my letters.

Toast the muffins, brew the tea,

hot and sweet and good for me.

Bake me donuts, plain and frosted...

What my dear?

You feel exhausted?

Yes, these winters are severe...

Hurry, hurry, Mary dear.

N.M. Bodecker
Pic source: People

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