martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011


So bored.
Surviving the last month of my pregnancy is turning into a real challenge. How am I coping?

1. Making faces in the mirror à la Liv Tyler

From Musings in Femininity

From Life in pics

3. Listening to a new NYC band: Cults

4. Imaginary online shopping (for when I get my old body back and my old shoe size, cause I will...)

Lace pencil skirt from Zara

5. Looking forward to cooler days that give my swollen feet+ankles a break...we are still in the mid 30s (celsius) in Spain and it is simply roasting. Can't wait to wear a jacket+jeans like the ones in the pic from A Cup of Jo:

6. Lots of yoga+meditation

Aniston for Elle

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