sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

The summer in Spain

... is soooo long.Plus we've just been hit by the worst heat wave I can recall (45 Celsius during the day)... is it bad that I'm a bit tired of the summer?
I'm craving a taste of sweater weather.
Pic via Paris2London Tumblr

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  1. you look gorgeous in that photo! I LOVE your hair! jealous.

    and yeah, i'm a bit tired of the weather, too! i love fall! i've stocked up on about 20 v-neck sweaters! 95 degrees F is too much for me :(

    i love your blog! i am now following! i hope you can follow my blog, too!

    sorelle in style

    1. No, no...I'm not the girl in the pic! I just really love her style.You can find more pics like this in some amazing Tumblrs such as Paris2London, Nanina, Luella loves...check out my favorites on the blog.
      Thanx for your comment

  2. Le pull est super!J'adore

    Angela Donava